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Tips: Snowcamping

Don’t think that a few feet of snow prevents the backpacking season from being year round.  Use these tips to snow camp in comfort and warmth. You Will Travel Slower in the Snow – even if you have snowshoes, hiking in the snow is more exhausting and more laborious.  You will not be able to … Continue reading

Tips: Packing

Finding the right balance between ultra-light and uber prepared is something that even the best outdoorsmen struggle with.  On one hand, you have superior comfort because of a light weight pack.  But on the other, you sleep rest assured that nothing will happen that you aren’t prepared for.  So here’s how to get the best … Continue reading

Tips: Leave no Trace (LNT)

One thing that ruins any moment while backpacking, is finding somebody’s discarded Snickers wrapper or initials carved into a tree.  Leave no Trace is something that all good backpackers and outdoorsmen practice almost religiously.  Here are the 7 Principles of LNT: Plan Ahead and Prepare – bring food with the least amount packaging possible.  Make … Continue reading

Tips: Cooking

We all need to eat, especially when we are blazing through calories on the trail.  Some people are daunted by the thought of cooking in the backcountry. The first thing you need to know is that it will always taste better in the mountains.  Period.  For some weird psychological reason, our brains automatically think that food … Continue reading

Gear: Steripen Adventurer

Tastes better than Iodine tablets and is faster than a filter, the Steripen Adventurer purifies a liter of water in 90 seconds using a UV light.  It may seem sketchy at first, but it’s backed by science and has purified some of the nastiest water I’ve ever drank.  When stranded in a tent during a … Continue reading

Gear: Chaco Z1 Sandal

If you think that you are a true backpacker yet you still have failed to purchase a pair of Chaco’s, think again.  Even if you don’t pack them in for camp shoes, the footbed on these heavenly sandals will have you wearing them year round.  The Z1 is Chaco’s most basic webbing pattern.  With one … Continue reading

Gear: Whisperlite Dragonfly Stove

The bigger cousin of the Whisperlite, the Dragonfly is slightly larger, slightly heavier, and a lot hotter.  One advantage of the Dragonfly is that any type of fuel can be used.  Whether it be white gas, unleaded auto fuel, kerosene, diesel, or even jet fuel, the Dragonfly burns it all.  With the time it takes … Continue reading

Trail: Bowen-Baker Loop

Located just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park in the Never Summer Wilderness, This 5 or 6 night epic will set a new standard for your backpacking trips.  With at least 6 miles above tree line, one campsite and close to 7 miles of trail at tree line, this spectacular trip will leave you jaw … Continue reading

Gear: GoLite Kenai Rain Jacket

This is one of the greatest rain jackets known to mankind.  With a Pertex® Polyurethane Membrane, this jacket will never wet out and won’t become steamy regardless of how hard you work.  I have worn this jacket to hell and back and it has not once failed me.  When a downpour hit the river that … Continue reading

Food: Ramen and Parmesan

This recipe is a great to to improve Ramen; an already light weight dinner.  By adding peas, ham, and parmesan, you will replenish valuable calories lost on the trail that you can’t find in plain Ramen. You will need: 1 packet of Ramen noodles per person.  Leave out the flavoring packet.  Do not get Cup of … Continue reading