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Gear: Whisperlite Dragonfly Stove

The bigger cousin of the Whisperlite, the Dragonfly is slightly larger, slightly heavier, and a lot hotter.  One advantage of the Dragonfly is that any type of fuel can be used.  Whether it be white gas, unleaded auto fuel, kerosene, diesel, or even jet fuel, the Dragonfly burns it all.  With the time it takes to boil a liter of water under four minute for all types of fuel, the Dragonfly was one my obvious choice in stove.  The heat control is super stable and is great for simmering, but can burn hot enough to melt foil (don’t try it, trust me it works and its not pretty).

The disadvantages to the Dragonfly are that it is slightly larger, but that only adds to the stability.  And since it does boil water so fast, it sounds like a passing jet.  This baby is loud!

DragonFly liquid-fuel camp stovehttp://cascadedesigns.com/msr/stoves/gourmet-cooking/dragonfly/product



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