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Gear: Steripen Adventurer

Tastes better than Iodine tablets and is faster than a filter, the Steripen Adventurer purifies a liter of water in 90 seconds using a UV light.  It may seem sketchy at first, but it’s backed by science and has purified some of the nastiest water I’ve ever drank.  When stranded in a tent during a lightning storm above tree line, my only option of relieving myself was using my only Nalgene.  After the storm passed and I drained it out, I noticed that a strong odor lingered.  One pass of my Steripen and not only was the odor gone, but so was whatever bacteria or other crap that was in there too.

Another benefit to the Steripen, is that unlike filters, you do not have to be anal about getting it dirty.  Not only does it purify your water by killing bacteria and parasites, but it will also clean itself.

The light shuts off automatically after 90 seconds.



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