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Gear: GoLite Kenai Rain Jacket

This is one of the greatest rain jackets known to mankind.  With a Pertex® Polyurethane Membrane, this jacket will never wet out and won’t become steamy regardless of how hard you work.  I have worn this jacket to hell and back and it has not once failed me.  When a downpour hit the river that me and my friend had paddled down to fly fish, it withstood the elements and remained cool and steam-less on the inside while I fished.  When lightning started to strike nearby, we paddled back upstream (still in the rain) and the jacket still didn’t steam up.  Absolutely amazing.

I picked this jacket up at the Fort Collins GoLite store for a mere $50.00.  The Kenai was on sale from $200.00.  It has never let me down; even in the worst of storms.

That’s me on the far left in the green GoLite Kenai during the worst hail/rain/lighting storms I’ve ever endured.



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