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Gear: Chaco Z1 Sandal

If you think that you are a true backpacker yet you still have failed to purchase a pair of Chaco’s, think again.  Even if you don’t pack them in for camp shoes, the footbed on these heavenly sandals will have you wearing them year round.  The Z1 is Chaco’s most basic webbing pattern.  With one strap that makes the infamous ‘z pattern’ across your foot, its perfect for cruising the town, hiking (even backpacking), rafting, sitting around a campfire, or even rocking socks and Chacs’ in the winter.

After you buy your Chaco’s, you will start to see them everywhere; bumper stickers, Facebook, the trail, everybody that works at REI, and pretty much anywhere in Colorado.  Chaco’s have their own community, something known as the Chacosphere.  You will instantly feel attached and connected to anybody else sporting the sandals.

But lets get down to the dirty work.  These things are great.  The adjustable webbing allows you to get the perfect fit for your feet.  People are known to have these shoes for 10+ years, only before sending them in to get ReChaco’ed.  The lifetime warranty on the sandals will keep them in action as long as you are.

Visit MyChaco’s website to custom design your own Chacos.


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